“Ik’ Svigt Mig Mer'” C25

Quoting directly from their Bandcamp bio, cz it’s all pretty imperative to GET just what the hell is going on here: 

"This tape was composed in Copenhagen and Oslo between late 2018 - early 2020. It was composed with my electronic beat machine - a wooden square box with small hammers controlled by my laptop - hitting on all the objects that resonated with my inner feelings during that time. Those objects were glass, light bulb, tea cup, china, metal spoon and other metals. Other sounds in this records are tinfoil, clocks, tape, knives etc.

For this release each track has illustrations by artist Michael Schiøler Tingsgård. Michael received each finished track with a title and a sentence for his own imagination and interpretations. That was the only communication between composer and illustrator during creation of this cassette. Each sentence can be read on each individual track or in the associated folder when purchased."

So, just what does that all sound like? Pretty fuckin’ rad is how! This is an electro-acoustic lover’s dream, with constant momentum carried by impressionistic-industrial rhythmic movements that never stale, and a barrage* purely organic vs. heavily treated percussive tones & mysteriously wrought textures. It’s hard to believe no synthesizers were used to get those deep moaning drones off in the distance, but, to have consistently manufactured such sonic space throughout a half-hour narrative and never fall into a rut takes a mixing wizardry that Sihtx sure as shit has, in droves.

Listen to loud with headphones and get lost in well-lit abandoned warehouse of sound!

—Jacob An Kittenplan

*generally a half-dozen distinct sound-items barbed-wired around a given second in time