“Noon” C43
(Hyster Tapes)

Don’t adjust that dial; your tape playER isn’t giving up the ghost quite yet. It’s just that Finland’s RE-CLIP have REnegotiated how time and rhythm of fairly mundane souRcE matERial will now REveal itself to each and evERyone of your individual EaRs in a disoRiEnting mannER via loop manipulation/vicious-bastardization.

Bird chirps, wind, bells, bass, tape hiss, recordERs of various stRipEs; they’ve all been thrown undER the bus to be destRoyEd, disfiguREd, and RestitchEd, for maximum dEliRium inducement.

HystER Tapes, as per their MO, has dubbed this half-noxious, half-hypnagogic* audio-stumble onto a single side of RecyclEd tape, & if you’RE lucky, you get an esotERic sticker, to boot!

—Jacob An Kittenplan

* Sleep on your side if you wanna try & take a nap to this.