CHERRIEP VS. GHOSTWHIP “Nas.rar” C19 (Philthtrax)

Do you like pretending you’re cruising in Outrun, all SEGA Genesis’d with booty bass blasting out the rolled-down windows of your Countach? Do you always feel like you just have to “take it 2 the limit”? Do you just wanna scream “Go!” at the top of your lungs before you stomp the gas and the G-force slams you into your seat? That’s what Ghostwhip wants. Cherriep? Wants that too. Because, duh, the car, the road, the freedom. Downshift, fly.

Nas.rar is four-track electro banger, hungry for speed – sweet, sexxxy speed. Cherriep and Ghostwhip share the space, share the love, share the magic of shredding tarmac to the horizon. Is Nas.rar dumb? Hell yes. Is it as exhilarating as traveling 120 mph down straight Midwestern highway, white-knuckling for your life while the music injects intoxicants directly into your nervous system? That’s right, Nas.rar is like a stimulant straight to the dome, a blast of nasty energy that’ll keep you flying as far and as fast as you can get before you run out of gas.

Don’t run out of gas.