GINSU WIVES “Secret Bodies of Work” (Tape Dad)

Ginsu Wives, more or less Elastica meets Thrill Kill Kult, meet in the parking lot to go fuck-hunting, but not before punching me right in the nuts.

Ow … fffffFFFFFF … ahh … fffffFFFFF …

I wish that didn’t happen. But it did, and I’m down for the count for a while. I watch Ginsu Wives walk away from my fetal position on the pavement, their combat boots and heels pacing confidently into the night. Tears stream down my face as I struggle into a sitting position, then I half-crawl to my car, scrabbling for the door handle. I reach it.

It opens.

Breathing heavily with exertion, the cramp in my stomach blossoming into painful new experiences throughout my abdomen, I make my way into the driver seat, eyes and mind bleary as I contemplate the sex/drugs/violence of my encounter with Secret Bodies of Work, an audio diary of destruction stretching from 2006 to 2019. I turn the key in the ignition and am overwhelmed by techno rock.

My Captain Ahab tape must be stuck in here, I half-think.

Wrong. It’s Ginsu Wives. My pain doubles.