“Do More Than Destruct-o” C24
(Zazen Tapes)

The Rhode Island Trio, Zurich Cloud Motors, plays a fast & loose strain of punk AF noise-improv (…or is that vice-versa? Depends on the song) and, at times, "DMTD" almost sounds like early Sonic Youth on hyperdrive. Save the Moore-ish delivery (not a knock-off, but definitely feels like a nod-to), the two lutes* and drummer each take turns losing their steps and sanity while the other two hold down the fort. 

High-octane party and or gear-up music for the masses that aren’t afraid to get a li’l distorted & messy! Comes with tiny lyric sheet.

—Jacob An Kittenplan

*one’s laying down steadfast punk riffs but the other, maybe a baritone guitar(?), is pretty much playing the feedback/pedal-pedal/chaos the entire time, and it’s fuckin’ great!