COP FUNERAL “Hot Lonely Singles” (Already Dead Tapes)

It was only a matter of time before Josh Tabbia dropped a b-side Cop Funeral collection, right? I mean, dude’s all over the place, releasing tape after tape, also curating Already Dead. Constantly in motion, a perpetual whirlwind. And so here we have it, the Tinder-group-from-hell-titled Hot Lonely Singles, a molten metallic lava trail drooled from the lip of a bubbling volcano. Released on Valentine’s Day 2020, it plays like the lead-up to our current coronavirus-dominated lives: a psychic venereal affliction that also serves to score unlucky façades till they’re devoid of features. Those metaphorical façades are our metaphorical faces.

And so we also grind our ears to dust with Tabbia’s textured noise treatments, pulled from the vaults of time stretching all the way back to 2012, yet some appearing fresh-faced as of the dawn of the new decade. Some are demos, some are cast-offs, some are b-sides. Some were intended for life in iterations other than the one they appear in. Some were never intended for life at all. But what they all have in common is that they were yanked from Tabbia’s hard drive and organized and released into the world, meaning that they were loved, just enough, to warrant public attention. They were even given a physical manifestation and a catalog number (AD327). They were real, they were alive, and they were glorious.

They can also be yours.