“Legalize All Drugs” C30
(ARS Media)

Adam Schwarz takes his beat-tape-isms into free-for-all/jazztaztiq territory here, with “Legalize All Drugs”. On the front cover, it is openly stated that this album is: 

"Dedicated to Everyone Who Has Died Or Been Imprisoned Due to the International Drug War.

We need a drug policy that prioritizes human life over profit."

Though this specific set of laid back, vaporwave-accented grooves isn’t overtly political, the intention and sincerity sure as shit are. LAD is an unabashed call to arms for us to do our struggling citizens a serious solid and just chill the fuck out with all of that knee-jerk, punitive judgment and emotional excommunication. What does it mean to rehabilitate, or to ensure a greater union, anyway?

How can we truly rehabilitate a wayward comrade? There, of course, are zero easy answers. Cheekily, maybe a centering soundtrack might be utilized, somewhere along the long road to recovery? Listen (and share) for yourself (or others), via the links below…


— Jacob An Kittenplan