THE CHADS “Debt Canceling Supernatural Power of God” C40 (Tape Dad)

Scum punkers / power-pop dropouts the Chads rev up the guitars to eleven on “Debt Canceling Supernatural Power of God,” which I have to admit is a great title. The Arkansas nasties play fast and loose with their arrangements, blasting through songs quickly and not overstaying their welcome in any way. Is there a song called “Spazz,” a song called “Best // Beer Drunk,” a song called “Thomas Jefferson Starship Troopers”? Of course, because why wouldn’t there be? It’s all fast and out of control, all inebriated on suds, all Thomas Jefferson Starship Troopers. That’s just how the Chads do it.

Because I know nothing of Arkansas other than I’ve never set foot in it – also, the Ozarks are there, right? – I can only imagine the middle-class ennui of working schlubs in the central part of the United States, what many lovingly refer to as Central America. The Chads seem to speak to that demographic, or shout to it, or make it pogo, or make it slug itself to death in a weird nerd circle pit. In any event, there’s a lot of energy, and everybody’s having a dang good ol’ time.