MARGRAFF & YANTIS “Ohne Eile” (Patient Sounds)

Rene Margraff and Cody Yantis, from Berlin and Colorado respectively, converse in tactile ambience across continents. Their collaboration is a showcase of inspiration, a highlight reel of electroacoustic dabbling and intense introspection. The presence of the two experimentalists weighs heavily on Ohne Eile (“Without Hurry”), and they certainly nehmen sich Zeit in the process of composition.

The idea here is to revel in the development of these sounds, the origination of these pieces; to treat the very act of creation with reverence and to scrutinize each individual elemental building block. That’s what Margraff and Yantis do so well: they treat each component as a separate item to be tweaked, pored over. They move slowly and deliberately. They engage with the minute and the miniature.