ALI/BORDREUIL/MATTREY “i used to sing so lyrical” C37 (Astral Spirits)

The ship creaks as it traverses the waves. Joanna Mattrey (viola), Leila Bordreuil (cello), and Sean Ali (double bass) double down on their strings – and the tension within them is like that in the lines connecting the sails and lashing the cargo down. I’m not a nautical dude by any means, but even one such as I can smell the salt in the air and understand the connection of everything to its place and its function. When i used to sing so lyrical crashes in like a surprise nor’easter, it becomes utter chaos on deck. The story gains a desperate ending.

I am the old man and the goddamn sea over here.

The trio plies strings, exerts pressure on them, magnifies that TENSION that is so utter and prominent and distinct. The interplay is edge-of-your-seat gripping, and you’ll find yourself hanging your attention on every moment of this tape. This is not background music; this is not something you can pop on while you’re making dinner or serving cocktails to guests. This is a monsoon that you must focus on entirely or you will find yourself adrift with no bearings, unmoored from your surroundings and scrambling for a backup plan to get you back safely to port.

There’s nothing safe here – i used to sing so lyrical is a great maritime unknown. Embrace the void.