BABYMAFEW “Pathological Liar” (Strange Tapes)

Babymafew, aka Matt Ibarra from San Diego, lets his pop sensibilities hang out all over this four-song debut “demo,” “Pathological Liar.” But how can we take him seriously? How do we know what’s true or not, considering he’s a self-proclaimed serial deceiver? How do we know he’s not this friggin’ guy?

Or this friggin’ guy?

Oh wait, that’s the same guy.

Well, anyway, I guess the stakes aren’t really too high if we’re just considering a cassette tape, so we can wrap ourselves in the rubbery lo-fi beatscapes and pop melodies Ibarra mumble-croons through. Think a mashup of early Crash Symbols stuff maybe. Let the giggle groove tickle your fancy bone and jar some rhythm from your couch-bound can. Don’t be that boring jerk that doesn’t get off the couch when a dancing song comes on the stereo. Don’t be that guy.