MAH KEE OH “Double Negative” C10 (gloom)

Short, inventive slowcore pieces from Denton, Texas. Grahm Robinson [sic] is in the same stylistic ballpark as American Analog Set and Bedhead, with sparse instrumentation filling huge amounts of space, expanding into nothingness and always returning to Robinson at the center. Indie guitar runs burst into distortion at times, while synthesizer accompaniment breaks through and twinkles like sunlight. The vocal delivery is of the downtrodden sort you’d expect from the types of bands I’ve listed, and it’s an excellent touch. This is the kind of thing I used to really get into, especially toward the second half of my college career. “Double Negative” is a brisk four songs in ten minutes, so you don’t even have to set aside much time to take it all in. But don’t worry – that ten minutes is totally worth giving your attention to this.