TL3SS “EP I” C42 (Terminal Frost Productions)

This is wish fulfillment, isn’t it? Cold electronics, “Terminal Frost”? Sounds like there’s a Floridian trying to escape the heat in any way possible… And who can blame them? TL3SS’s EP I is like an Alaskan glacier slowly chipping itself into the sea as the air warms around it, a last-ditch effort at overcoming the encroaching heat death of the universe … or at least our planet. And I have to ask, is TL3SS a robot? If so, there’s a much better chance that TL3SS is simply setting the stage for its own personal existence following the mass extinction of the human race.

If it gets that far, that is. Let’s hope it doesn’t!

Still, there’s a pessimism in EP I, or is that an optimism? Depends on the perspective, I guess, with the balance tipping in favor of the machine. Who knows what elemental programming courses through the data ports of whatever battery center constitutes the heart! In the end, we are meat, and we will decay. In the end, TL3SS will last far longer, and rule in our stead.

Or just exist and perform tasks; not exactly sure what “rule” means either.