SWAN WASH “Swan Wash” (Sister Cylinder)

This was that, when we guessed how to scrub a swan so that it would be proper clean and not just “nature clean,” whatever that meant, my high school science teacher! Jeez. This Swan Wash is darkwave-y sweetness with lots of delay and hammering low end. A power trio, three imaginary boys! With guitar strings that chime and drums and bass that pummel, it’s easy to scrub Swan Wash like an actual swan and behold the churning pain beneath. Spitting back into the face of convention to battle the ennui of modern living, Swan Wash keep it close, keep it secret, and let us all in on it.

Well , we chosen few anyway.

Sure to please the Alternative Nation set still plugging away at what passes for the daily grind, Swan Wash is a throwback, a delectable morsel of treated guitar and driving rhythm. Make sure you figure out how to get your hands on a copy if you’re going to be reenacting any movies John Cusack happened to be in. My Better Of Dead cosplay group is getting together next week.