THE HIGH SHERIFFS “High Sheriffs” (Garden Portal)

The law fought itself, and won. Jacob Sunderlin and Matt Scherger strapped on their six-shooters, their spurs, and their stars, adjusted their ten-gallon hats, and wandered into the center of Lafayette, Indiana, aiming to keep the peace. There they spied guitars and harmonicas and whatnot, and everything changed – the peace would be kept another way. The peace would be kept the High Sheriffs way.

Ten dusty frontier mantras later and everything was sepia, mustaches had grown, tobacco juice had been spit. Back porches had been reclined upon in rockers. There was a feeling of community spirit in the air, a spirit that permeated the townsfolk of Lafayette. The air was fresh and clean, and everyone breathed deeply, eyes adjusting to the middle distance where the new day awaited each and every one of them. Relaxed smiles appeared on all faces, starting from the center outward, like a ripple in a pond.

Jacob Sunderlin and Matt Scherger just went on a-pickin’ and a-singin’, their peace and our peace merging in the air.