THE BORDERLANDS “Melkur” C64 (Moon Myst Music)





So goes the track listing of Melkur by the Borderlands, an experimental soundscape of terrestrial awe and cosmic tension. The titles made me chuckle at first, but they make sense. UK sound artist Ross Baker keeps his ear to the ground, becoming inspired by the intricacies and the details of miniscule life. Extrapolated outward, the miniscule takes on characteristics of the infinite – it’s all in how you relate to it.

Baker’s work is constantly in motion, constantly shifting focus from one piece of ephemera to the next. It’s inspired by everything and nothing, by life and by ether. As your mind is slowly engulfed by Melkur, it is simultaneously enlightened and cut off forever from other stimuli. Is that a sacrifice you’re willing to make? If so, head on over to Moon Myst Music and buy a tape. I’m sure they’ll be totally fine with a captive audience for the rest of eternity.