BARDO TODOL & DEVID CIAMPALINI “El Origen Del Pensamiento Mágico” C44 (Ikuisuus)

What international melting pot have we here? What disparate influences? Bardo Todol (Argentina) and Devid Ciampalini (Italy) make longform electroacoustic outsider fare under the Finnish flag of Ikuisuus. Where have the field recordings come from? What are they of? Who is they are? Am is I or be are in?

Tongue-tied. That’s where this gets me – I can’t make out verbs from nouns, and sentence structure becomes elusive. So I open the door and head on out into the world, certain the answers to all this “El Origen Del Pensamiento Mágico” are out there somewhere. And why shouldn’t they be? The field recordings collide with the synthesizers, and magic thought is instigated in a burst of stars behind my eyes like I hit my head or something. (Remind me to check on that later.) In fact, that’s the whole point of this entire exercise, if my Spanish is to be believed (and who am I to question the Spanish of Google Translate?). “El Origen Del Pensamiento Mágico” is “The Origin of Magic Thought,” and there is a “cliff of human voices which appear to be broadcasted from inside a giant wolf’s nightmare.”

That’s the exact feeling I was getting! But I’m out in the open now, taking in the fresh air, hopefully not in need of first aid, and levitating a few feet from the ground in the aftermath of “El Origen Del Pensamiento Mágico.” There’s a trickle-down – trickle-up? – effect at work here, and it’s simply making all the molecules beneath me just a bit heavier than my own molecules, so that’s why I’m up a little bit. So does that make it magic or science? I’ll let Bardo Todol and Devid Ciampalini decide.