J BUTLER “Found” C30 (self-released)

Butler’s a guitar and synth man. How do I know? I’ve read the description, which is a pretty key activity if you want to do this writing thing (pro tip). Because he’s a guitar and synth man, Butler’s also prone to experimenting with tone, length, mood – pretty much anything you can experiment with on the ambient and drone side of things. Fortunately, Butler’s got a knack for wringing every last drop of emotion from his setup.

Synths like electricity course across the sound spectrum, and twinkling melodies accompany it as it darts from node to node. Starlight triggers nostalgia, but it’s still the byproduct of massive nuclear reactions. Heart holds as much as it can, can only burst as it fills to the breaking point. And here “Found” washes the chilly shores as it cycles through its delicate entreaties. Easy, then, to shut one’s eyes and get lost in the environment Butler creates.