SUFFERING PROFUSION “Obsiliatary” (Nailbat Tapes)

While I’m tempted to start this off with a bit of snark, as in, “Oh, Suffering Profusion, probably gonna be a breezy afternoon with this one,” I won’t (though I sort of did), because of the d(r)ead seriousness of the material and its affiliation with Nailbat Tapes, whom we like quite a bit. Also, Suffering Profusion isn’t your run-of-the-mill noise artist with an impenetrable wall of static and feedback. No, Suffering Profusion is all over the map, a maestro of dynamics within the genre. A little blistering feedback here, a little rumble of low-EQ’d tectonics there, a few healthy doses of glitch and faltering connections, some heavily processed tortured vocals, a bit of proto-industrial clang and thrash (as in, “thrashing about in a seizurely way”), and voila! You have Obsiliatary. I don’t know what Obsiliatary means either, but it can’t be good.

This is serious stuff, a heaving beast of transgressive activity, a deeply disturbed chronicle of anguish, a blood-soaked missive to the world. It’s also sonically rich and refuses to be pinned to one genre or another. But it’s extreme – don’t get me wrong, this thing’s extreme. And the more you listen to it, the more you’ll be able to decode the throes of misery Suffering Profusion is wallowing in. It’s remarkably cathartic, and wildly listenable too – so much to dig through!