BOILED WOOL "How Can You Tell By Looking” C26 (Self-Released)

NYC’s Cynthia Chang takes a page out of early Beach House’s minimalist synth-pop playbook, but kinda makes their own “found poem/collage” with it, substituting Legrand’s emotionally laconic delivery for its inverse, a hyper-stylized Billie Holiday-esque caricature of nasal croonery, which gets further distorted by a wavering diction and blown out EQ mixing. Further artistic augmentations involve the substitution of structural chordal movement for static loop deviation, these rhythmic passages shifting so subtly, they might be negligible, lest ye seek them out. The end result, like any decent art, will either bore the hell out of you, or turn your world on its ear. Strap on headphones and give a concerted listen to see for yourself.

 --Jacob An Kittenplan