PLASTIC GARBAGE "Plastic Garbage” C15
(Gay Hippie Vampire)

Like a passed out clown in the ER waiting room, Plastic Garbage is boldly irritating and infectiously captivating. Her crude synth lines and pre-set drum machine beats are a muddy mess that only slickens with each anti-harmony speaksung, these themes themselves a murky, plebeian mix of facetious poignancy and celebrated angst-as-unifying factor.

&did I mention that these fucking songs are going to get stuck in your fucking head? I can’t figure out if this anti-pop is obnoxiously creative or creatively obnoxious. Maybe both? Anywhichway, this tape will challenge you to draw venn diagrams relating what is catchy to what is cringey to what is startling; what is silly to what is absurd to what is untenable.

Chalk another one up to Lincoln, Nebraska’s Gay Hippie Vampire nation and their churning out the most semi-important relics of our time!

  --Jacob An Kittenplan