TONY BULLETS "Homesick” C23 (Self-Released)

“My name is Tony and my friend gave me a guitar.”
~quote from the first two seconds of this tape

“I recorded this during a time in my life when I was between homes and not really sure where I was going, how I was getting there, or whether I was even making the right decision in going.

“The recording process was cathartic AF and made me feel like even though things were changing, the one constant was my urge to create.”
~excerpt taken from artist’s bandcamp page

As you might so expect, this is what the sympathetic seams
of some torn t-shirt-sleeve’d feel like, once someone slap’d
their heart on ‘em, full force… & then record’d their sleek,
tear-slick lamentations &vibrations.

So. Expect slightly out of tune guitars. Expect so clever lyrics. Expect a slow number or two, detailing the details of some oh-so slow deaths by numbers, divisible by two. Expect an honesty slightly less cringy than one might expect. Expect anti-folk a-la Midwest, via the slightly so honest East Coast.

&Expect better and better songs to come, in the future, as, at the time of review, this üüüüüüber-handsome baby/pewter blue/pink relic is soo very sold-the-fuckety-fuck-out!!

 --Jacob An Kittenplan