CRYOSTASIUM "The Possessor” C18
(Fish Prints Inc)

“The Possessor” is a black metal album…only the kick drum doesn’t follow that stalwart, hummingbird-heartbeat-on-amphetamines formula, but rather a confident, gothic-industrial-night-club-under-attack-by-zombies-like-every-single-fucking-night pulse.

“The Possessor” is a black metal album …only the vocals aren’t harnessed from the shrieks of professional trashcan-shouting-into banshees so much as an abused Japanese vocal processor that likely held hands with an AI model, watching Linda Blair highlights, for maybe four years straight, learning to projectile vomit mangled half-annunciations/invocations only decipherable by practiced necromantics.

“The Possessor” is a black metal album …only the interludes aren’t culled from the haunted dreams of Mussorgsky’s conductor’s wand’s rise and fall of all damned arpeggios in unison forever-ever; nay, instead, these passages are but spirits of these magnetized past and future blackened industrial lamentations, sampled, stretched into ambient ghosts, and tethered ethereally to a nice, natural, spooky bog of a field-recording documenting a midnight cemetery constitutional.

“The Possessor” is a black metal album …only the bass’s throbbing tug grows outfuckingrightgoddamndancier and DANCIER as the all-too-short album progresses and takes on trickier time signatures.

“The Possessor” is a black metal album…only you can read the letters on the spine.

&Perhaps now you’re inclined to ask, “If it walks like a duck, and it sings like a hellbound semi-aquatic harpy, how will we pigeonhole it?” If so, just sit with that koan, knowing that neither Cryostasium nor Fish Prints Inc, for that matter, could possibly give a flying fuck. I’d wager a nickel that, somewhere in Boston, there’s a needlepoint’d maxim hanging on a wall that reads “If you love a genre, set it on fire. If it comes back, it will be yours forever. If it doesn’t, it never was.”

  --Jacob An Kittenplan