THE CRADLE "Endless Room for Error” C16

I hereby submit to you a soniconspiracy theory:

The Cradle’s “ERFE” is, perhaps, NOT simply a nod toward his fellow Big Apple’r,
the cult-classic sound viking…the inimitable…MOONDOG…
but it is rather a frantic, technologically-tweak’d declaration of NYC lineage;

Let us observe the phenotype:
-Infinite hand-drum barrages that refuse dynamic nuance yet groove anyway? For fucking sure.
-Behemoth, slippery time signatures that beg a second set of syncopated counters to even fucking realize what is going on? Sorry, still nodding along in concentrated calculation. I think so?
-Unapologetic, mantric loopage for daze and daze and daze? Uhhh…what? Uhh, yes…
-Okay, so the spoken word passages aren’t nearly as articulate, or poignant in theme or delivery, but the sincerity is still there. Check, goddamnit!

Am I reading into all of this too much? Could this maybe be just a buncha weirdo loops being haphazardly stacked one atop the next to be explored by an otherwise notoriously brilliant, finger-picking folksinger? Is this all just some freak accident? Or Does this wildly inaccessible set of angular loops and atonal hooks sound all too familiar, despite those 21st century digital replacements; is this all proof of some deep-seeded legacy, finally bearing fruit?! I hereby submit that it’s suspect enough to warrant a DNA test.

  --Jacob An Kittenplan