“The Right Side of Mystery”

The Right Side of Mystery marks Nathan Moody’s tenth release of experimental-electronic composition over a twenty-year stretch; but this 2xCS is markedly different in that “no synthesizers or samplers were used” in its making. Instead, NM built his own custom, novel, resonating devices and affixed contact mics and electro-magnetic pickups to them to best harvest their metallic/culty/industrial timbres. &the yield is striking!

Three-parts snaking, vibrant Eastern raga to one part gloomy, droning dirge, TRSOM is filled with dizzying, polyrhythmic posits, stacked against themselves, and raw electro-acoustic plucks floating alongside heavily-processed bowed strings (& resonating chambers?), all of these fluid elements slowly swirling together to create hypnotic, hallucinatory spaces for an infinite supply of undiscovered, ceremonial aesthetics and canons. Read C-U-L-T-Y. A-F.

Whether flailing around a hazy bonfire or meditating in the dark, with or without headphones, this brilliant release provides myriad rock-solid, mesmerizing scaffolds for  self-reflection/expression/inquiry and/or simply tripping the fuck out.

Also, the minimalist packaging material, sigil, & shells are not only notably elegant, but a great physical manifestation of the sounds magnetized within.

--Jacob An Kittenplan

*Photo snagged from NM’s “Noise Jockey” website