"The Terminology Is Flawed” C50

“The Terminology Is Flawed”, one serious noggin-fuckin’ of a slow-motion harsh-noise wall collapsing, is three possessed ears and two rusted-out, telepathic antennae, fully caffeinated, on les fritz, &perhaps tipsy, walking down the center of Bourbon Street, 8” pumps feeling suspiciously graceful, &just minutes after yet another fucking mid-summer, mid-afternoon storm clears. Which is to say, it is not “easy*”; “easy” being a double-standard/entendre for being psychically beaten about by passersbys’ Puritanical judgypantsnesses and their correspondingly-contrastingly raised eyebrows in betrayal of their own self-disapproval. Which is to say, “hard”.

Fri(g)id is an unapologetically dissonant/dissident NOLA noise knob-turner, her choice of vocal sample source material being, to say the least, a grotesque quilt of the American Sexual Identity and the viscerally felt collective trauma that comes part & parcel with that unpackable(?) baggage. These vocal samples are woven in jaggedly, just below the surface of ugly, mutating, rhythmic textures in a four way perpetual tug-of-war for status as primary pulse. The one time she uses her own voice to repeat a hauntingly mumbled spell, it is so processed and distorted, and with such a demonic cadence, that I cannot not imagine Miranda July performing a goat-blood soak’d public exorcism alongside it. Which is to say “uneasy”.

To make this ever more immersive & disorienting, these hand-dubbed tapes come with a strikingly crude set of pornographic/advertisement/non-sequitur word collages & brief liner notes.

  --Jacob An Kittenplan

*words written for review were selected in such a manner as to attempt to emulate the release’s complexity, convolusion, noise, confusion, and all around hypnotically-induced scatterbrain’d’ness that comes with deep listening. This is really a powerful, important document to witness and share. Listen the fuck up!