(Property Materials)

There’s been a lot of talk about tulpas, whether it’s Diane Evans or Dougie Jones, but no one’s ever really laid to tape what the idea of a “tulpa” really sounds like until Moondrawn, with, duh, “Tulpa.” And even he foresaw the tulpa craze way back in 2011! It’s like he had a crystal ball or something, or was trapped inside some kind of “lodge” where time loops infinitely…

Still, the synthesizers are nice, and the drone is a sweet transition from “Tulpa” to “He Is a Sleepwalker,” the two Moondrawn tracks on his half of this dreamy tape he splits with J. Bagist. The Boston experimental electronic heavyweights (I’m assuming, I don’t live in Boston) are a perfect match for each other – Moondrawn’s minimal drone swirls into J. Bagist’s tense productions, digital pulses and rhythms bubbling in sweet contrast. The question then becomes, are these two artists real people, or are they manufactured supernatural entities?

You know, tulpas?

The only way we’ll find out is if we go to a Red Sox game with Terrence Mann while on the hunt for the secrets to Archibald “Moonlight” Graham.

Betcha didn’t see that reference coming.

Anyway, this split is a dense combination of electronic manipulation, spanning an enviable spectrum of experimental ambient music. Don’t sleep on this one, or you might lose everything that makes you you in the foggy mind of your doppelgänger.


Property Materials