MONOTRAIL "Selected Jams" C35 (Oggy Records)

[cue carnie barker]
“Shimmer me timbres!
Serious knob-tweakery is afoot!
All along the Monotrail express!
Next stop, ZONER-TOWN!”

Intrepid Berliner, Rijnder Kamerbeek, is a nuanced, live-show slow-jammer/explorer of space and orbital pull through their subtle manipulation of modular synths, loopers/legions of effects pedals, & drum machines/sequencers.

“Selected Jams” is a culling of six solo improvisations. Don’t expect a dance party so much as a noggin-noddin’ couch party. Anyone who even half-attentively listens to this will be immediately drawn into themselves, eyes closed, auto-hypnotized, slowly seewead swaying along with the continuous micro-morphing of synth sequences, drones, and faint, buried beats. Great for drawing and mediation. Headphones a must.

  --Jacob An Kittenplan