NELORIES "1990 Demo EP” C18 (Fish Prints Inc)

Nelories started off in the early ‘90s as two high school gals (I repeat, HIGHSCHOOL!), one playing electric guitar, the other, an accordion- whilst singing in her second language, English- which made for a nuanced departure from standard vowels sung, as well as playfully novel* lyrical poses and topics.

Hungry for a “fun fact” about this obscure twee/J-proto-indie-pop band? Their only American release was on a label run by a They Might Be Giants member, said release being for a CD of the Month club. Yeah, you’ll go “Ahhh…yep. That makes some serious sense!” upon first listen, with all those hooks AND change-ups.

As for this demo, be forewarned: the mix is rather raw…but pointedly so? As in, earlier on (in my repeated listening to this) I really wished the guitar was turned up a skosh (or like four), but, after repeated (repeated, repeated) listening, I found that the earlier tracks’ lower mixing suited the overall release well, meta-wise, as that guitar gets subtly turned up in the mix more and more, from start to finish, alongside a piecemeal introduction of some fairly creative bass and on point drums; by the end, the guitarist is shredding and there’s a really rrrad double-bass kick-drum line that just HITS!

Label-wise, “Fish Prints Inc” is, for all intents and purposes, a sibling of I HEART NOISE, which, if you’re not aware, is a pretty badass label that re-issues long lost gems and/or issues ones that really shouldn’t get lost in the fray. FPI is decidedly anti-nostalgic in their mission, however, with their only two releases consisting of this three-decades-old esoteric relic alongside a brand new, visionary atmospheric black metal album. What the fuck is next? Who knows?!

What I DO know for certain is that, if you’re into quirky, accordion heavy ‘90s indie-rock, this will scratch one hell of a lot of itches for you!

  --Jacob An Kittenplan

* reportedly, as I can’t really make out the words over the accordion in the mix. Never been great with that to begin with. Listen for yourself via the link!