"Boogie Woogie Thought Crimes” C32
(Gay Hippie Vampire)

With song titles like “Wouldn’t it Suck if the Rapture Happens and I Have to Go to Heaven because of All the Acid I’ve Done?” and “A Dog > An Even Cooler Hat (Which the Dog is Wearing)”, it should be fairly evident that the only thing this “Improvisational Grind” duo takes Very seriously is a Good Fucking Time. With both guitar shredder and drumkit shit-kicker-outter moaning and howling along just about as rabidly and spastically as their instruments could possibly wail & crash, you can’t help but feel like you’re right there in the basement, listening to your buddies completely freakthefuckout on their instruments, as if they were fighting them to the death.

&so, you might ask, “what separates this from just a coupla assholes jerking off their instruments really fast?” Good question! Maybe you don’t fully understand to what degree JUST HOW FUCKING FAST they’re playing!?!

I imagine them sneaking onto a bill at some bar and someone not exactly feeling THE FREEDOM that these chaps are HARNESSING; this dude says something like “Shee-it! Even III coulda play’d that song!” To which a random stranger’d counter, “No, sir. No, you could not. You could not fucking possibly play that goddamn fast for that goddamn long and manage to not play the same thing over and over again, no. No, sir, thou art wrong.” And then they’d reach into their pocket and pull out a handful of 50% processed sugar/50% glitter, and they’d sprinkle it on his silly head.

That’s what listening to this music feels like: Some sage passerby dropping meaningless knowledge on you and then making a mess of your clothes and surrounding drinks. Boogie Woogie Thought Crimes, indeed!

  --Jacob An Kittenplan