"Pee On These Hands" C33
(Side Wound Worship)

With an album title like “Pee On These Hands”, it’s fairly hard to take a band seriously…but I do. &it’s not just their blatant K-Recs aesthetic (or the trimmed knuckle-hair short of being a Halo Benders cover band, at times) or some seriously righteous, out-of tune dual anti-harmonies sung that further the case that maybe “Platonic Boyfriends” are simply write-offable as just a buncha goofballs only releasing a tape for tape-release’s sake; but, to this, I say, “NAY!”

Nay. Despite their rudimentary musicianship (or perhaps highlighted by it), this quartet of lo-fi, slow-motion cowpunkers-gone-PNW cultists manages a fairly sweet dynamic interplay and some mind-twerking lyrical poses that can be as novel as they are revelatory*.

If you’re into semi-dadaist punk that pairs old stock Americana riffs/ripoffs with outright K-Recs-style instrumental irreverence to said chops-worshipping, tPB deliver like a virgin street preacher’s first shaky words.

*personal favorites of their notably unarticulated lyrics include:

“When I was one-infinity-three (free?)…
a fraction (fracture?) in your buised rib,
I could feel your heads a-comin’ over me.”


“so don’t move, but also move.
Learn how to feel free
Without being someone new (knew?)”

  --Jacob An Kittenplan