F E B R A "Furt Prietenesc” C65 (Self-Released)

Without looking into the actual translation, I’d guess the words “Furt Prietenesc” to be Romanian for “Cutting of Teeth”; as in, this album ought be listened to as a sort of étude, a document of the progress made in F E B R A’s becoming a savvier producer & more well-rounded techno-crat.

This hour long excursion through Ableton Live ninjahood ambles about like an early Autechre album, with a host of lush, consonant ambience, semi-grating dub-step’y, modular ominosity, and sparse, echo’y synth melodies; the difference being that F E B R A generally chooses to pare down where his predecessor chose to be over-indulgent, sparing us that trebly, rabid battery of e-snare/hi-hat, favoring instead to pair his spacious, ambient poses with markedly less busy-as-all-get-out beats, a-la Trip-Hop, or “Glitch-Hop”, as the bandcamp page lists under its #tags.

The tape, already sold out on bandcamp, serves as an artifact of where the artist has come from, but, holy hell, just listen to the EP released the following April and get ready for some Seriously intense, industrial jamz! Can’t wait for the next release!


  --Jacob An Kittenplan