BODY FOOL “A Stranger in a Body” (self-released)

One known as Body Fool (Berlin, Germany) has achieved a state of inspired proliferation. One of 110 releases, a stranger in a body showcases two sides of their methods of production.

Side A mostly concentrates on percussion, delivering Warp-worthy bpms and pitch-shifts that are chopped with semi-silent breaks. The second track, 01(obviously!) details the disassembly of a snare roll with a 60s space travel motif. The beats stretch ‘til they sizzle, hesitate, buckle and charlie-horse. An echo glides into the hands of Robert Wyatt on piano for Eno’s abandoned tour-only sequel EP: Music for Heliports. It is a signal of what’s to come on the other side.

If Side A is the Fool, Side B is the Body. A pair of vast sheets of air, angelic canyon yells and tundra showers, maybe a loop of jovial, ceremonial incantation buried underneath. What if Inner Space was directed by Tarkovsky? Consider the distance between a sci-fi romantic comedy and an existential gloom journey.


--Adam Padavano