KIDS BORN WRONG “Giallo” C18 (self-released)

Maybe it’s the expectations that killed this before I even turned it on. Here, according to tape cover and title, I thought I would be getting some fake soundtrack to a fake Italian horror movie or something, along the lines of, say, Goblin or Tangerine Dream, or maybe Umberto – at least S U R V I V E! But no – the rockabilly guitar twangs introducing “Great Mutant” spoke toward a more raucous, rambunctious, unruly reality, one that, sure, hewed much closer to the “Nasty Ass Rock & Roll from Louisville, KY,” as emblazoned on the Kids Born Wrong’s Bandcamp page. I wasn’t going to be spooked – I was going to be pummeled.

Which isn’t always a bad thing.

And Kids Born Wrong do it quite well – nasty-ass R&R indeed, this punk firebomb is a lit fuse in the face of authority, wrapping DIY techniques with southern grit and sweaty gristle. And honestly, it sounds like a bunch of sweaty gristle got together and made this tape. Again, not a bad thing.