“Waever“ C20

The Tuesday Night Machines have put out some really fun, beat-oriented stuff over in Köln with those weird-weird-fun-havers, Strategic Tape Reserve, but here, with “Waever”, they swap out the drum machines & samplers & general Good Party Vibes for a modular AE Synthesizer and the somber drones and mesmerizing texture’s in its dynamic wheelhouse.

The overall effect is a touristed waterboarding of the senses, a viscous, heavy blanket, a glimpse of overwhelming isolation as the washes fill and wet every wrinkle of the sulcus with plumb fucking purple woe. It is beautiful-through-desolation, a heart-wrenching deep sea dive into aquatic depressions, and probably great that it’s only 20 minutes long as you’re bound to be holding your breath for most of that time. Perfect soundtrack for aquatic spelunking and/or getting keelhauled in slow motion.


—Jacob An Kittenplan