“Still" C45
(Wood and Wire Music)

Inspired by the challenge to write and record an entire album all by his lonesome during the shortest month of the year, NY veteran lute player, Jim Goodin, unleashes a sprawling drone-ambient beast bursting with looped string explorations that low, groan, chirp, and bicker as animatedly as any animus-filled vocal chords flexed to date, all wrought via "Lap steel, violin, (and) granular oscillations created, played, triggered using Pure Data programming”.  

All in all, side A sounds like a midnight spaghetti-western themed zoo featuring zoo-ghouls, both foreign and domestic, calling out into the night, and side B is their damned response, a sweet, sweet extra-terrestrial liberation…which is to say, it’s pretty compelling, if not a li’l spooky. Very cool.


—Jacob An Kittenplan