“Twin Flame - The Honeybear Saga” C44
(Hand’Solo Records)

“The game of love is like chess mixed with professional wrestling.”
“Intelligence is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen you wear out."

"Twin Flame - The Honeybear Saga" is rife with zingers like these, and, across six stylistically distinct hip-hop tracks (all of which camp out in ATCQ/Common-adjacent territory) Mickey O’ Brien spins tales of heartbreak and hubris-blushed self-reflection. 

To sweeten the pot, Toronto’s Hand’Solo Records has given this release maybe their most glamorous treatment to date, with a mirror-shiny golden shell, gorgeous J-Card +3 glossy artwork AND an RPGish download card that’s worth pinning to the mantle for a spell, to boot!

If you’re into throwback hip-hop, or simply hankering for an expertly curated eye-catcher/convo starter for your coffee table, this release fits the bill.


—Jacob An Kittenplan