“Helplessness" C36
(Degenerate Trifecta)

Both Osaka-based Takahiro Mukai and the Washington-based Degenerate Trifecta label (aka Mrs. Dink) have a real knack for kicking out mesmerising, quasi-tribal electronic jams that straddle the line 'twixt Industrial and Techno, finding new & creative ways to explore what it might sound like were a thrift store’s vintage electronics section to become both wholly possessed and highly caffeinated. 

Downright capital-s "Spooky" in parts, this half-hour plus soundtrack of nervous meditations has all the charm to rope in the anti-“beat shit” crowd AND bring some noisy/industrial flavor to those that do worship at the metronomic altar. Hard trick to pull, but TK & DT pull it off seamlessly!


—Jacob An Kittenplan