FIRE-TOOLZ “Rainbow Bridge” (Hausu Mountain)

I don’t even know how to do this anymore. I thought Fire-Toolz peaked last year with Field Whispers (Into the Crystal Palace), which I gave a glowingly weird (or weirdly glowing) review to over at Tiny Mix Tapes (RIP). But now there’s Rainbow Bridge, and my world has been turned upside down. And by that I mean it’s been turned upside down again, because that’s just my reaction to the work of Angel Marcloid, the mastermind behind the Fire-Toolz brand. I get turned upside down – and twisted, and inverted, and turned inside out – anytime I’ve got a new Fire-Toolz thingy to listen to.

Rainbow Bridge is so fast and so loud and so confrontational and so crisp and so clean, all at the same time. I don’t know how Marcloid got the idea to smash easy listening and death metal together, but she pulls it off so well that it has become its own institution throughout the years. In fact, Marcloid is the ONLY one who pulls this off, there is none like her. She even adds elements of jazz and pop here and there, and the result is a prog-metal masterpiece.

Have I called this a masterpiece yet? I’ll have to go back through and check before I post this.

Thematically, Rainbow Bridge connects us to the afterlife, serving as a conduit for, here, feline companions, specifically Marcloid’s beloved cat Breakfast. The album is an ode to life and love and loss, and it’s shot through with primal intensity and introspective sadness, sometimes curdling at once in the same container, at others splattering outward in all directions, and at even others standing separately and looking at each other from across a crowded gymnasium before doing whatever it is whatever I’m talking about feels like. And when the breakneck pace slackens, when the whiplash induced from changes-on-a-dime recedes, there’s “{Screamographic Memory}” to guide us into that light, guide us across that bridge into the cosmic fireworks. That memory of those who pass doesn’t fade, friends.

This is basically just a gush session. I’m knocked on my ass by Rainbow Bridge. Get knocked on yours as well.