“Cry Me A Highway" C18
( F r e a k s )

Nick Wortham (Healers) has a new solo project, Time Fraud, and it’s a beacon of super-playful, lo-fi synth-pop pastel prismatix, something akin to a test-tube baby cooked up with equal parts The Faint and Mates of State in mind. 

Whimsical organic instrumentation meets gritty synth hints, off-kilter/pop-punky vocals, drum machine drive & good ol’ fashioned DIY work ethic* on “Cry Me A Highway”, and it’s a pretty enjoyable earworm you’ll find yourself humming along with by the second pass.


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*per NW’s bio, the Vox were recorded in the cab of his truck with a mic hanging from the rearview.