ROOTLESS “Emptied Spaces” (NULL|Z0NE)

Rootless is the project of Jeremy Hurewitz, who specializes in making spacey, freeform electro-folk. Sometimes he sings, but it’s the lush instrumentation that does me in, all of that laid-back synth and guitar like the aurora borealis shimmering all around you at all hours of the night, at all times of the year. On Emptied Spaces, he clears out the clutter of expectation and intention, creating room for the mind to wander. It’s sort of like a beat-inflected guided meditation, one where the journey is ongoing and goal is experiencing the passage of events. Things are consistently chased from place, and you’re left trying to catch up and cope with the removal. It’s the inverse of the intentional betterment of self.

Which turns into self-betterment anyway. Only by approaching this realization is one able to embrace the constant motion, the fleeting wisps of knowledge at the edges of perception. Rootless, by self-definition, is not grounded to one location anyway, so Hurewitz is able to experiment with his environment and enable multiple points of reference even as those references turn to ghosts. Not content to leave us in a realm of his own devising, he invites Mukqs and Geneva Skeen over for some remix work, thereby leaving us an exit strategy in case we want to trip off on a new adventure. Little do we know, we all inhabit the same trip – it’s all interconnected anyway.