PAUL HOSKIN & CODY YANTIS “Georgetown Archive” (Full Spectrum)

The latest in Full Spectrum’s Editions Littlefield series, Georgetown Archive finds freewheeling instrumentalists Paul Hoskin (RIP – though, fortunately, he exited this world blissfully ignorant of “COVID-19” and its attendant effects) and Cody Yantis rollicking through Seattle’s cold months in the only way they know how: like sculptors tripping over themselves in a Scrooge McDucklike vault of LEGO pieces and willing structures into being. Maybe it’s the deliberate plucking of Yantis’s guitar or the subtle blurts of Hoskin’s sax or clarinet (not to mention the undulating shift of the foundational electronics) that conjures these wild fancies. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m ONLY BUILDING LEGOS AND WATCHING DUCKTALES IN SELF-ISOLATION … sorry for the shouting – everything’s getting to me. Still, at times like these, patience can be rewarded. We all have plenty of patience at the moment.

Let’s not even bother with the fact that these recordings are eight to ten years old, they work, right here, right now. Like shamans impelling followers to obey, the duo concocts soundwaves upon structural soundwaves as a base and conjures those LEGO pieces into weird alien shapes, and the colors are weird and alien. Everything’s sticking out at odd angles, and parts of it aren’t connected well and buckle under weight of other things. It’s all a conceptual mess, but that’s what makes it fun for the free-form visionary. By the end, the 2012 track, seismic rumbles cause everything to collapse until it’s just a big mess on the floor again, and everybody has to walk through the room in bare feet. But it’s OK! You have new patterns on your soles. Souls? Who cares.