FILTH GARDEN “Live Filth” (self-released)

This particular object is decisively sealed closed via standard issue duct tape…

…to contain the screams for help, cuz yer being detained in a dank dark basement, zip-tied to an off-brand Scandinavian rip-off plywood folding chair, with the said duct tape wrapped thrice over your mouth and stuck to your neck hair.

Even if you managed to munch yer way out of the noxious matte-grey adhesive, what makes you think anyone will hear your weak cry for help over the repeated 15 minute opus that is LIVE FILTH?

Although their exact locations of origin are unknown, participants in the operation known as FILTH GARDEN, did in fact convene for one September night (2019), in the wilds of Hunterdon County, NJ. Thanks to an anonymous tip, I got barely a handful of information about this mysterious outfit, and a little shoptalk. Here’s what I know: the drummer moonlights as an air traffic controller in the general vicinity, the bassist favors the buzz box and the cry baby wah pedals(effectively expanding its reach into cosmic shred-zones, and I was not cleared for information regarding the vocalist’s favorite breakfast cereal.

However, I can say that he is reciting scripture, a sacred text, The Cromagnonicron. Not the first, he is in league with such luminaries, The Troggs and Earth, (later devolving into Black Sabbath). Appropriately, FG manages to have it’s own Geezer Butler th’Younger, and William Ward Jr. to form an equally ominous rhythm section/entire rest of the band. They encapsulate that minimal Birmingham, UK, by way of Flemington DIY, foot-dragging, charcoal-lunged, iron industry/expert overcoat tailor malaise. There’s even a hint of uncles Jan and Dean, in the guise of desperate body surf jams in cut-off jeans and severe sun poisoning. Since the one-sided ep’s individual tracks are untitled, I offer for this final number, “Beach Blanket Breakdown”.

It has come to my attention that Filth Garden is no more, yet since someone had the foresight to capture this final performance on reel-to-reel, enthusiastic audience included. Dig it.

Filth Lives

--Adam Padavano