MUSCLEGOOSE “3 Ninjas: High Noon At Musclegoose Mountain” C18 (What’s For Breakfast? Records)

If one were to say Musclegoose was on a hot streak, one would be correct. Six cassettes in thirteen months is Pollard-worthy. However, the real deal with these three fellows is their penchant for punnery. Literally no opportunity is wasted here, down to the unrequired MPAA rating: G for Golf.
Herein lies deep-fried southern hardcore with a humor just slightly to the left of Happy Flowers. This basement show leans pop culture trivia, in that the drum riser is a stack of the entire closeout from the neighborhood VHS rental. The breakdowns get really risky when all the half-inch black tape unravels around your wrists and ankles like Spidey’s alien costume.

Rocky, Colt, and Tum Tum, three lads from Fayetteville, Arkansas are making good on their promise to achieve Dr. Demento/Weird Al/ Rutles/ Cheech & Chong/Spïnal Tap/Mothers/Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah/Dead Milkmen/ Fugs/Conchords/ Tenacious D/Ween/Residents/Country Teasers level satire. Time will tell if Kyle Gass will induct them properly at the annual fête(a full house). Meanwhile we can enjoy the songcraft that I file under Jokecore.

3 Ninjas Gone Wild

--Adam Padavano