“Cedros Tanhang” C66
(Municipal K7)

Considering genres, far more Ambient than dreamy Bedroom-Folk, Brazil’s ATLETAS spices this sprawling long-burner with notes of Tropicalia, Shoe-Gaze, & cosmic New Age, all elements coalescing into a disorienting sound-event that plays proFOUNDly different at varying volumes & is truly a poster-child for Must-Repeat listening. 

As someone who worships at the altar of early Caetano Veloso e Os Mutantes, this tape scratched a particular itch within me that panged to hear what it might have sounded like had they all gotten lost on ayahuasca together & recorded their sonic meanderings to tape, and then slowed said reels down by at the very least half. 

Municipal K7 is São Paulo’s brand-spankin’ new answer to the Aché Machine that is Pop Music, and this debut release of theirs is more than a hundred doses of the antidote! 

File under: Mood Collage, Weird AF, Visionaries, Massa!

—Jacob An Kittenplan