“Mighty Giant Pinky - Tribute to Satanicpornocultshop” C95
(Strategic Tape Reserve)

Is the Pinky attached to a Giant in the same way as webs of beats have been mercilessly tacked to a writhing beast in full throes? Or is it (this Pinky) simply to relative scale of said Giant, a slippery net of percussive cross-hairs, possessed, staggering, unpinnable, sovereign? 

How Mighty is the Pinky, flexed magically, wand-like in its mesmerism of loose footwork & turntablism-kisses? How does the final digit dangle, hypnotic as tribal collectives seduce our consciousness into its diffuse-state, primed to access those hidden paths paved with their own beatification.

The Japanese electro-weirdo-beatsmiths SATANICPORNOCULTSHOP inspired many an intense NTSE-NTSE-NTSE-NTSE freak to branch out into the unknown and steal a piece of sound-mind from the wandering schizophrenic canon & this behemoth compilation details but an eeNTSY slew of their legacy.

—Jacob An Kittenplan