HEALTHY REALISM “Baby Geniuses III” C40 (International School of Evidence)

Oh, hey, yeah, this is one of those free jazz ones, the improv recordings where the duo or trio or quartet or quintet or sextet or septet gathers together in a room, huddles, and blows the doors off with a massive racket. It’s the kind of explosion of uninhibited imagination that I pretty much dig on the daily. That’s jazz lingo for “everyday,” or “whenever.”

Here we have Max Senteney on drums, Alex Colombo on guitar, and James McKain on tenor and soprano saxophone. The performance was recorded live at Dirty Dungarees in Columbus, Ohio, on September 21, 2018. Was I there? No. Was I there in spirit? Absolutely.

I finished this tape and was huffing and puffing and trying to catch my breath like I was blowing a horn up in this thing myself. But I wasn’t, I was just white-knuckling the arms of my chair as I hovered on the edge of my seat. That’s what Senteney and Colombo and McKain do: they make you a nervous wreck as they rip notes from the very crust of the Earth itself and whing ’em about the room so you have to duck in order not to get smashed in the melon with their sonic shrapnel.

Also, the saxophone sometimes sounds like a duck, and that made me happy.