SHUTA HASUNUMA “OA” C17 (Northern Spy)

Like a glimpse into the city, OA (standing for “old address”) provides a micro-glimpse into the Upper East Side, etc., Manhattan where Shuta Hasunuma used to live. What did he do at apartment “454”? What was the importance of the Queensboro Bridge that was visible from is room? What molecules of “LEX,” aka the Lexington Avenue subway station, gave way to open up the strict pianographic relevance and undue appreciation of the missing corners and fragments there? And pinpointed dates?

You might as well be handing off your bank account information, there, buddy.

Because OA is personal. It’s a diary, an account of a lived experience amid a bustling and alive population, baffling in its movement. It’s a candle flame flitting from room to room before donning a coat and hat and heading out into the sleeting streets, battening itself against the elements and extinction. Shuta Hasunuma has not gone extinct, has not lost the thread. Shuta Hasunuma takes each moment of his life and assigns it a nanosecond of sound. That’s how he gets to OA. Unbelievable!