HUELGA “Huelga” C15 (self-released)

“Hell’s bells, Fonseca, you did all this yourself?”

Damn right, he did. God damned right.

But I had to ask anyway, because Mike Fonseca, aka Huelga, is a beast, an absolute beast! Your first listen to this tape will have you shaking your head, not believing for a second that Huelga’s a one-man wrecking crew. But you’ll have to, because check it out: it’s true.

This is intricate stuff. Math-metal, thrash, prog, all whirled together in this unbelievable package. Seriously, the composition is nuts – I’ve played in bands, I’ve recorded music, and I can’t fathom how this guy does it, how he can put everything together and make sure the overdubs work. I don’t throw around the “B” word a lot, but this stuff is brilliant. Really nicely done.

I’m also just gonna throw this out there, because nobody says it better like Fonseca himself: “Mike Fonseca unleashes his poly-rhythmic/poly-tonal psychosis on drop tuned guitars. He takes the compositional tradition of the string quartet and fuses it with the DIY ethic of an 80's Thrash band.”

Will there ever be a “Huelga live”? One can only hope… Watch out, Austinites, Mike Fonseca’s among you.