INDIRA VALEY “Yemas” (Antiquated Future)

Singer, poet, experimental musician, and actual living spirit Indira Valey uncorks the bottle and lets the genie out of it on Yemas, a wonderfully original freak-folk ritual from the surrounding Portland, Oregon, woodlands. Like a collection of séances more so than a collection of songs, Yemas taps into that natural ancient elemental aura, weaving gossamer atomic threads and connecting them via symbols and runes, a pagan call to action, or at least to attention and remembrance. This incredible celebration of life and physical and mental connection through secret and universal language fills you with its magic and its joy, lifting you from an existence marked with meaningless drudgery into a realm where so much more matters, and more importantly. It’s easy to get lost in the mysterious atmosphere, and you might even come out the other side forever changed in some way.